Rumah Sri Aman


Rumah Sri Aman holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Sri Aman. The stories of this unique house tell their stories too.

Explore Rumah Sri Aman as the home of the Resident, a government representative who oversaw the Second Division of Sarawak during the Brooke era.

Learn about Rumah Sri Aman’s transformation into a Government Rest House after Malaysia’s independence. Witness its moment of glory as the location for the historic peace treaty signing that marked the end of the communist insurgency in Sarawak.

Other interesting tales await you here, so come on in and start discovering your own story in Rumah Sri Aman!



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Chinese New Year (22 January 2023)

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Harvest Day (01 June 2023)

Malaysian independence Day (31 August 2023)

Birthday TYT of Sarawak  (14 October 2023)

Christmas Day (25 December 2023)








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