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The New Sarawak Museum is a new landmark of Kuching city and consists of two buildings namely the Borneo Cultures Museum and Annex Office Building. The Borneo Cultures Museum is a modern five-storey building with a distinctive architectural design that reflects Sarawak’s unique traditional crafts and rich cultural heritage.

The new museum wants to become a lively place for social and cultural exchange. The auditorium and function rooms on level one will be able to host a wide range of events, and these programmes will turn the museum into a vibrant venue. Also here, are the visitor facilities that will cater to the visitors’ essential needs such as the reception counter, restaurant and shop.

Located on level two are the Children’s Gallery and the Arts and Crafts Gallery. The Children’s Gallery provides an optimal interactive learning environment for children through its exhibition and activities. The theme ‘Love Our Rivers’ focuses on the concept of sustainability using rivers as the foundation of the exhibition narrative. Activities arranged in the Arts and Crafts Gallery allows visitors to learn the skills of traditional craftsmanship, dances and music.

Level three is the biggest gallery with 2,188 square metres of exhibition space. The exhibition theme is ‘In Harmony With Nature’, and it explores the relationship local communities have with the natural environment based on a river journey through three major geographical regions. This exhibition offers immersive and multisensory experiences.

On level four is the ‘Time Changes’ exhibition that will have displays with a strong educational focus. This informative gallery will cater to school groups and topics covered in the history curriculum. Also included in, is the archaeological discoveries and findings in the State. The narrative tells the history of Sarawak dating from the prehistoric era to modern times.

Finally, the museum’s masterpieces and best examples of Sarawak’s material culture will be on display in level five. The ‘Objects of Desire’ gallery will have a strong object focus that allows visitors to admire the artistic beauty of these artefacts. The gallery will be showcasing artefacts that reflect skilled craftsmanship, having designs with divine powers and as a symbol of status.

The Borneo Cultures Museum and the Annex Office Building are part of the Sarawak Museum Complex (SMC). Other buildings within SMC are Museum Sarawak (Old Building), Kuching Aquarium, Islamic Heritage Museum, Natural History Museum, Taxidermy Building, Annex Office Building and Sarawak Arts Museum.



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Chinese New Year (22 January 2023)

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Labour Day (01 May 2023)

Harvest Day (01 June 2023)

Malaysian independence Day (31 August 2023)

Birthday TYT of Sarawak  (14 October 2023)

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