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Cockfighting is said to be the favourite game of the dead, the spirits and the Gods. After the third fight, the game will be ceased although the young men may continue it on the open space outside the longhouse. When the cockfighting is over the Feast Chief will walk along the longhouse with a rooster in his hand to direct all the families to spread new mat on their verandah and await the arrival of guest who will attend the ngeretok ceremony. Immediately after the arrival of the guests, the Feast Chief once again waves the rooster (miau) along the verandah. This gesture is to inform the host to arrange the seating of the guests in line according to their rank and achievements in life. After the guests have sat down in order, a cock is again wave by the Feast Chief to direct the host to serve the guests with wine. This act of serving wine is called nyibur. After nyibur is served, the Feast Chief will again wave the cock to announce that the work ngeretok is to begin. At this time the hosts and guests will work together to shape, design and fit the materials for the sungkup. This work is to be done throughout the day according to the size and decorations of each sungkup individually. If the work is not completed in one day it can be continued on the following day or even longer.

Kenyah carved door is decorated with carvings of creepers and anthropomorphic. Carved with a pattern engraved on the door only to indicate the relative degree of nobility. Ordinary people cannot use the carving out of fear of the curse.