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Limbang Regional MuseumLimbang Regional Museum


          Limbang Regional Museum was officially declared open by the Honorable Datuk Adenan Haji Satem, Minister of Social Development, on the 27th August 1994. This museum building was an old fort which was built in 1897.

          This two-storeyed wooden building was renovated in 1966. Like the other forts, it first served as a fort against native insurgents and later on used for administrative purposes. The posts, shingles, walls and upper floor of the building are made of belian timber while the ground floor is of concrete.

          During the Brooke's days, half of the ground floor was used as jail while the other half was for storage purposes. The upper floor housed the offices of the Resident and the District Officer and their staff. It was occupied later by Majlis Islam before being converted into a museum.

          The original building was burnt down in 1989 and was rebuilt on the exact site maintaining the original design and architecture. This Museum displays the history and culture of the people in this region such as bamboo band, salt making, beadwork, bark cloth, brassware, basketry and much more.


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