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The Official Website of
Sarawak Museum Department
Administration and Finance SectionAdministration and Finance Section

Function and responsibilities:


a) Personnel Management System/Data Services and staff as leaves/service records/salary increases, managing loans etc..

b) Assist in providing advice/ guidance and gives precise information on the policy and implementation of the Department of General Order/Circular to employees from time to time.

c) Management of files/communications office/correspondence/stationery/furniture etc..

- Maintenance of buildings and properties

- Provide services to meet the needs and comfort of visitors.


a) Prepare/compile Estimated Annual Expenses

b) Oversee and ensure that all financial and accounting activities of the department to comply with the rules, procedures, directives and procedures and treasury circulars and services.

c) Maintain accounting records and provide accurate and complete information for management purposes.

d) Issue Service Order/Purchase, process payment vouchers, petty cash, issue a receipt/receive poll results as antique license/export and sale of antique Sarawak Museum Journal and any matters relate to the accounting department.