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1 To apply the new Sarawak Civil Service Strategies (HITECK)
2 Putting into practice the principles and values of the new Sarawak Civil Service (SODIF)
3 Implementation of MS ISO 9000
4 To further improve the growth and development of professionalism, by using better technology in order to produce more dynamic members of the staff
5 To hold temporary exhibitions - At International level, at least four exhibitions at state level/annual festival.
6 To organise monthly educational programs by adopting students from primary schools, 50 pupils at a times a yearly
7 To initiate programs on live performance and workshops focusing on traditional cultural activities - 4 times a yearly
8 To put more emphasis on Museum publicity through publications of brochures and books in a professional manner.
9 To establish a Museum Shoppe for selling souvenirs items, traditional goods and replicas of some selected artefacts
10 To implement a computerized cataloging and control system all the museum artefacts and archives.
11 To launch Virtual Museum into internet
12 To acquire new buildings especially for the storage of artefacts and archive.
13 To introduce admission fee
14 To do a thorough study to develop and recognize all the galleries to enhance education
15 To make use of Information Technology in all gallery based on Interactive Museum concept.
16 To build a new modern main museum complex that with house History museums, Children's Discovery Museum, Governor and Chief Minister Museum, andministrative centre and other related facilities.