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Increase in number of visitors to Sarawak Museum
Posted on : 05 Sep 2016


KUCHING: Sarawak Museum Department recorded 1.06 million visitors last years - 57,847 to the Art Museum and 46,464 to the Chinese Museum. And the number of vivsitors reached its peak between September and December, the depatment's public relations officer Mohd Zakaria Hattar revealed to The Borneo Post yesterday.

          "One of the reasons maybe was the school holidays and year-end holidays when more people go for vacation," he said.

          From the figure, he said 30 per cent were foreigners from various countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Western countries while 20 per cent were students on educational visits organised by their schools during school holidays, and the rest were locals and those from Peninsular Malaysia.

          He also said in 2012, Sarawak Museum Department received 1.03 million visitors, 30 per cent of the foreigners - with 49,186 visiting the Chinese Museum, 89,155 to Islamic Museum and 66,224 to Art Museum.

          "We are targetting to receive 1.25 million visitors this year," he pointed out.

          Museums under the Sarawak Museum Department are the Old Museum, Dewan Tun Abdul Razak, Chinese Museum, Limban Museum, Baram Museum, Niah Museum, Fort Margherita, Textile Museum, Petroleum Museum, Art Museum, Natural Museum and Fort Emma as well as Woman's Museum.

          Meanwhile, the 'Petrosains Dino Trek 2 Exhibition' at Sarawak Museum has received 86,000 visitors since its opening on Sept 2 last year.

          As such, facilitator Johan Shah Ariff expressed confidence in achieving their target of receiving 100,000 visitors by en of April.

          "There seems to be fewer visitors this month compares to January. But March school holidays are coming soon and I am confident there will be more visitors during that time. After April, we will clear and our things and next stop is in Terengganu, may be in August this year," he said.

          The first Dino Trek exhibition was held in 2007, and the response was just as good as the second one, he added.

          He pointed out that contrary to some people's perception that the second exhibition seemed to be held on a smaller scale compared to the previous one, the first exhibition only displayed four dinosaur species while the second one exhibited nine dinosaur species.

          "This second exhibition is bigger and has more dinosaurs to see," he said, adding the Dino Trek 3 is expected to be held here again in 2019. He also mentioned that a 'Nature's Kingdom' event will be held here on Feb 22 and 23, which is open free to the public, in addition to a mini funfair.